RE: Usual Police Female-ABCD‏

Here is a FB on Police Female:


·         The skirt looks shiny now. Let’s do it made matte fabric with more realistic behavior of the material. The main elements of the skirt have different widths.

·         The difference between the materials in the suit is not sufficient now. Check  the reference (orlando-bloom-police-officer-01.jpg); the difference is more significant. The belt is one tone darker than the shirt. Shirt color spectrum is colder than belt. Please make it analogically.

·         Please add cuffs on the sleeves.

·         Stripes on the shoulders could be more volumetric.

·         Please make more realistic formation of the folds on the shirt (now folds almost never shown on the back).

·         Please make belt content more complex, closer to the reference. Make it a little more massive. Add an element which is acting as a radio (but not the real two-way radio), show fastening for the handcuffs.

·         Handcuffs are still not working. Let’s make a flexible modern handcuffs, with adaptation to our project. (Ref attached). They should hang on her belt interestingly.

·         Police Badges are not suitable. They now seem abstract and oversophisticated. Main graphic element is non readable. Here is my version (see attachment)

·         Please make leather lining under the badge, which will be attached to the belt and can be unfastened.

·         Make element on the basis of the badge on the cap, but it should be simpler, easier, and smaller, because a full-size badge does not look natural on the cap.


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